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Webinar — Sharing Production Data across Microservices

Webinar — Sharing Production Data across Microservices

Мероприятие прошло 17 февраля в онлайне.

During the past 8 years, Fiverr migrated from a LAMP architecture all the way to 200~ Microservices with more than a dozen teams pushing a few hundred deploys a week.

Working inside the monolith was simple, all data was available but the move to microservices presented challenges as data was exposed via REST API, which caused performance and reliability issues, dependencies between teams, and much more...

If you feel that your current strategy for sharing data is brittle this talk is for you! I'll present our robust solution for sharing data across Microservices, utilizing Kafka as a data hub using techniques borrowed from CQRS and DDD to tie everything together and iterate much faster!

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Erik Ashepa
Erik Ashepa Director of R&D в Fiverr